Fashion Media Workshop, PARIS, FRANCE, November 2019

Capital of Fashion, Paris.
Michel Jaumin - Hdworldmedia Companies


This workshop is designed specifically for photographers and filmmakers looking to gain experience in the fashion industry. Participation affords opportunity to study under the guidance of world renowned master photograhers supported by top-notch production teams and to connect with peers and leaders in field. 

Download the full proposal -Click link 

Please reach out to our inhouse photographer coordinator, Danielle Danese, for any questions you may have:  ddanese@Hdworldmedia.com

Photographers of all levels are welcome to attend, and we will have several professional photographers to assist, advise, coach and support participants with the different methodologies used as well as technical uses of the tools.

Francesco Vicenti



The Lead(s) Fashion  Photographers scheduled for the shoot are: 

-  Master Fashion Photographer Francesco Vincenti 
-  Second Camera - Hdworldmedia's Danielle Danese
-  Lead Photographer- Hdworldmedia's Michel Jaumin 

Francesco Vincenti Work 

This media portfolio building workshop will take place on September 28-29, 2019 In PARIS, FRANCE.


Stills and film are permitted. Media captured are permitted for use for portfolio building.

Click here to contact HDworldmedia staff photographer Danielle Danese.

The Selected Models for this workshop. 

The workshop will span two days. 
Day one - Mansion shoot, 8 AM to 6 PM 
Day two - Mansion and garden shoot 8AM to 6 PM 

Optional day three - Early morning shoot at various iconic spots around Paris. Photo review and critique in the afternoon.


  • Four experienced, agency-represented models donning at least two looks per model each day
  • All makeup and hair for the selected look
  • Fashion designs and accessories
  • All set and wardrobe styling
  • Shoes and leather accessories
  • Jewelry and accents to use
  • Indoor and outdoor locations, primary and backup
  • All model, location and other necessary releases, including any permits copies, with originals kept on on file at HDworldmedia.
  • Transportation to, from and between shoot locations.
  • Catered meal each day and refreshments throughout the entire photoshoot

  • Participants are required to hold a valid Passport with at least 90 days remaing validity. 
  • Participants will need to bring all their media equipment, cameras, computer, batteries, and any accessories for their usage
  • Lodging*
  • Airfare**

*We are recommending several hotels at competitive prices, a short distance from the workshop. 

** Some fligths from cities such as  Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles for the dates, can be available between US $ 500.00 to US $ 800.00

Downlad the full Proposal PDF.

COST of the Workshop 

The cost of the two-day shoot is  US $1,750.00, which can be paid in full or with an initial deposit of US $700 now and the remaining US $1,050 due no later than September 1, 2019.

Please note We offer Financing options

Payment options Please select

The $700 deposit is not refundable unless a replacement is available or the minimum number of participants is not met for the workshop to take place. Pricing and payment information for the optional third day coming soon.