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Fashion Media Production for Designers, Monaco F1 Grand Prix, 2020

Capital of Fashion, Paris.
Michel Jaumin - Hdworldmedia Companies

An exclusive designer photo/video shoot experience in an extraordinary setting that will remarkably enhance any collection. HDworldmedia takes your looks to Monte Carlo, Monaco throughout the Formula 1 Grand Prix 2020.

Monaco is an ideal and unique location to feature both women's and men's designs. The atmosphere and backdrop of the Grand Prox make it a uniquely stunning setting to showcase couture clothing, jewelry, shoes and other accessories and more against a backdrop of the elite supercars, yachts and celebrities, the roars of engines and the Mediterranean springtime. 

The next Grand Prix will take place the 3rd week of May 2020 and our experienced fashion media production team provides every detail necessary for a successful photo and film shoot showcasing our designer client collections at one of the most iconic and exclusive racing events worldwide. 

This particular production will take place over six days, featuring locales throughout the principality and Grand Prix events taking place, including trials and the actual Sunday race. 

Other location shoot opportunities include the surrounding countryside and marvels of Provence, with its magnificent villages such as Grasse and the famous lavender fields.

A renowned, award-winning fashion photographer will lead all photo shoots, supported by a team of highly exprienced professionals: A director, producer, set and wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists, accomplished models, lead photographer and filmmaker, second and third camera photographers and technical digital team.

The Offer: 

To ensure a perfect media delivery, we accept only a limited number of designer participants and collections. Once a designer client agreement is confirmed, our stylist and HMUA managers will schedule preparatory sessions to discuss the following:
  • Selected designs, shoes, jewelry and accessories
  • Preferred backdrop looks
  • Styling ideas and options
  • Preferred model types for each collection
  • Indoor and outdoor locations - primary and backup 
  • Hair and makeup looks


  • All Media selected will be edited and proofed, ready for use in creating your lookbooks, submitting magazine editorials and crafting all print and online marketing of your collections.
  • All prepared media will be turned over, without exception, to the client with full usage rights.
  • All model, location and other necessary releases including any permits copies will be provided to the client and originals will be kept on file at HDworldmedia. 


  • The cost of participating is broken down per style and look per location.
  • A single look, styled, one location, one model: US $950.00.
  • Multiple looks, same model, same location: Additional US $ 350.00 per look.
  • Single unique look, Golden Quadrant - Hotel Hermitage, Hotel de Paris Main Square, or Garibaldi Square: US $1,250.00.
  • Multiple kooks same model, same location: Additional US $475.00.
  • Pre-race day trial track media access shoots, all looks single or group: US $1900.00 each.
  • Race day media access shoots, all looks single or group: US $2,700.00 each.

We do require a deposit of $300.00 to hold your, as confirmation of your intent to participate.

This deposit will be held in escrow with a financial institution and will be used as a down payment once the final costs have been reviewed and accepted, no later than 6 months before the event (November 2019) or refunded.

Payments can be scheduled and spread over three invoices: 30% due 120 days prior to the shoot; another 40% due 60 days prior; balance due upon delivery of media within 30 days following the photoshoot. NO refund after 45 days or less before the event. 

Feel free to contact us at for a free consultation or for more information.