Models, Fashion


A critical component of a succesful fashion media  prodcution are the models selcted to represent in the best way the customers goals and achieving the look and message for its targeted market segments.


We are not a model agency. We thrive to select the individuals that will best match the style to be achieved wherever they may be.  By matching Iconic, unique locations with designs, models, and concept, we achieve some amazing media results. We do accept Model portfolios submissions for upcoming  Workshops and for Designer  Media Productions.

For consideration Please reach out to Christian Gobert, Model & Makeup Artist Mgt and coordination.

In your communication, please make sure you provide the following 

  • Link to Portfolio or a minimum of three shots, Full, Mid and Portrait.
  • Legal age.
  • Contact Information.

When working for HDworldmedia, Models are remunerated and their travel expenses covered according to US IRS per diem guidelines. All Minor Models Must be accompanied by a parent and/or legal gardian. 

Upcoming Project are : 

  • Paris 2019, Both workshops and Designer Media Production 
  • Northeast Florida November 2019 Photographer equipment workshop
  • Namibia december 2020, Both workshops and Designer Media Production 
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco  May 2020, Both workshops and Designer Media Production 

Every project we tackle is developed with our customers and a story board is build.